What to Consider when Buying Dab Rigs


Dabbing can appear intimidating in comparison to smoking. The need to use a gadget makes the experience scary. On the other hand, masters of dabbing tend to impress a lot of smokers since they seem to do the impossible. Once you get the hang of it, dabbing becomes easy. Nonetheless, successful dabbing requires a few essentials, and this article will be talking about the dab rig. It is the critical element that facilitates everything else in the vaping experience. The name dab rig comes from its association with an oil rig. Here are the most important things worth looking into whenever you are shopping for a dab rig.


When shopping for a new rig, you need assurances that it will not be easy to break. Glass can be very brittle, yet sturdy. The rounded design helps to increase the strength of the glass by distributing pressure points. The thickness of the glass base also helps to stabilize the whole unit. Therefore, you should only be buying your dab rigs from quality glass shops because of the assurances of high tempered glass use that will let you enjoy your dabbing for long. Besides, when physically shopping for such a rig, you can test some options available on offer. When buying online, always seek clarifications about testing procedures to know that products displayed for sale went through thorough testing.


DAB RIGBeing able to move around easily with the dab rig is a salient requirement. No one knows precisely when the next puff will be due. It is better to have a unit that you can carry with your while enjoying a house party so that you extend your happiness at different spaces. Moreover, commercial uses also require portability. Your staff will be moving the rig from one table to another. These reasons are enough to warrant the selection of the most portable rig whenever you have a chance of doing so.


You also need glass dab rigs that have a beautiful design. The use of American-made glass often contributes much to the cost of the dab rig. On the other hand, it improves the mold of the platform, allowing it to emerge from the production process in different sizes, shapes, and designs. There are specific design dab rigs. For instance, you could find a cupcake shaped dab rig that includes twists to make it both functional and adorable. Nonetheless, you should concentrate more on the build quality and functionality before getting to the looks department. For instance, when you pick a dab rig with poor design features especially on the piping glasswork, you could end up with poor smoke production and inferior vaping experiences.


Besides looking for the main build of the dab rig, you will also need a proper perspective for the nail. The popular choices are titanium or quartz nails. They help you get the best flavor. The important thing is that you pick a nail that will withstand oxidation issues at high temperatures. You also need to look at durability and affordability. Focus on these considerations for getting yourself glass dab rigs, and you should be ready for the best dabbing experience.