Top tips to fly an RC helicopter


Unlike most toys, it is difficult to comprehend and master flying techniques and tricks of RC helicopters. This just comes down to experience and practice. You should note that the RC helicopters are quite quick to respond and just a misstep is likely to get you out of control. It is possible for a beginner to lose his or her best remote controlled helicopter during the first flight. Thus, if you are new into this hobby, you should read on to find out tips and tricks.

How to fly rc helicopter

Design and strength

tg2w3ed7chwed8j2i2You need to have some information about the design and strength. In fact, RC helicopters are just designed to withstand a few crashes. The major components such as body, blades, and motors are strong enough to withstand few crashes. However, this does not mean you do not take care to prevent crashes from taking place.

Start small

As a beginner, you should start low. Other than having an accelerator lever to determine how long your RC helicopter goes, you ought to practice for some days at low elevations. Start by taking it some meters off the ground inside a room or house. The good thing about flying indoors is that you will not be dealing with strong wind. Remember that flying in strong wind is not an easy task.

Directional control

This is the next step in learning how to control your RC helicopter. If you have a two-channel model, it can fly up/down or even left/right. It is not possible to make it hover in just one place. The default movement is backward or forward. If you set it to default, it will just hover in one place. RC helicopters that have four channels are designed to move side-to-side. Thus, the more channels your RC helicopters has, it will have more control options. Thus, you will need to spend a lot of time practicing.


Whenever there is a crash, you will want to pick up the device to check its condition. If no part is damaged or broken, you can easily fly it again. If a blade breaks down, you are going to replace it with the new one.

Flight time

To get the maximum amount of flight time, you need to allow the battery to cool down before you recharge it. It is not advisable to recharge a hot battery. You can also buy several batteries to enjoy a lot of fly time.